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we cannot all be one and whole

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Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Your liver was damaged, but we were able to repair it. However we did have to remove your spleen. I’m sorry.
[Lucy tries to speak]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Lucy, you can’t speak. You can whisper, if I plug the trake. D’you want to try that?
[Lucy nods]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Okay.
[Corday plugs the trake]
Dr. Elizabeth Corday: Remember, only whisper.
Lucy Knight: Thank you.

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Things need to be lost in order to be gained. I wanted you to get your heart ripped out with them because I felt that at the end of it you’ll be so much closer to these characters because you’ve actually been through it with them.    — Joel Wyman (A Farewell to Fringe)

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